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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  December 11, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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legs. >> it gets negatives. negative 10, 15, i might go different. >> reporter: that means, just once last week, this letter carrier covered up. >> i always thought there was something kind of wrong with him. and getting to know him really well, i figured out for sure, that there is. >> reporter: vinny has been on stewart's route for 20 years. and says, as long as his postman is happy, he doesn't care. >> it doesn't seem to bother him. and he's comfortable that way. i just let him do his thing and go about his business. >> reporter: business he's been doing for almost 26 years. in shorts. a distinguished article of clothing he's become known for. >> they might not know my name. but they know i'm the guy that wears the shorts. >> reporter: when he doesn't -- >> i get comments when i see people not at work. they come up with a funny saying, i don't recognize you in pants. it sounds kind of funny. you know? >> wouldn't wear skirts. you must be like, whatever.
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>> very true. you wear shorts every day, all day. >> yes. i have them on right now. i'm not going to show you. >> that's a tease. oh. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> "gma's" coming up. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning washington," on your side. and active scene this morning as d.c. police pull a man from the water off hains point. this could be connected to a high-profile investigation. overnight, a stabbing in prince george's county sends three people to the hospital. good morning, washington. i am jimmy on tree. -- i am jimmy o bond you. the up-to-the-minute
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information at the top and bottom of your screen for school delays. -- for county delays. good of melting yesterday afternoon. now that the temperatures are below freezing, that means everything has i stuck. it is a good idea to delay schools for just a little bit. at reagan national airport. and dulles. it is 27 degrees in quantico. it is going to be slick. i encountered a few icy spots on my way in this morning. the cold spell begins. temperatures are going to stay chilly through the rest of the week. dry weather can be expected through friday. there is another system that will be developing by saturday.
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right now, it should have a little rain, but maybe us news -- a few snowflakes mixing in. i will have more details coming up. some oft the latest on the slick roads. amanda meadows is with us. >> thank you very much, jacqui. we're looking at an accident right now, this is in fairfax, just south of 66. this is a secondary roadway at cox road. you might want to stick -- stick with fairfax county parkway. really not too bad on the major interstates looking good. shot for youe from our m. system. -- mdot system. you can see i some snow on the grassy areas. the major concerns are going to be on the off ramps, bridges,
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and overpasses. black ice is going to be an issue in the morning commute. you're going to see a lot more volume that you saw yesterday. a lot of people are getting back to work. be prepared for the morning commute to be a bit of a bear and take it slow on the bridges, overpasses, and off ramps. we will have another update on what is going on in about 10 minutes. i will send it back over to jimmy and kendis. >> we are following a developing story out of the district this morning. police are on the scene at hains point or they pulled a man from the water last night. sources are telling abc 7 that this is related to the investigation of mark washington. he is accused of producing child photography. cathy lanier said there has been a lot of speculation in this incident, but would not comment further. >> police believe robbery was the motive for a triple stabbing in hyattsville. officers were called to an apartment building around 11:20
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on tuesday night. they found three men with stab wounds. the victims were taken to the hospital. one is in critical condition. no one has been arrested in that case. hill --kers on capitol two lawmakers on capitol hill have done seemingly the impossible. >> they have come up with a bipartisan bill that means the government will not shut down for lisa two years. reached a budget deal that would avoid another government shutdown. and ryan, a republican patty murray, a democrat, broker the agreement. >> this make sure we do not have a shutdown scenario in january. >> because of this deal, we can stop jumping from crisis to crisis. approved, military domestic spending would be
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increased while eliminating about six to $5 billion in the sequester. taxes would not go up. the plan raises fees on some airline tickets. >> i see this agreement as a step in the right direction. in divided government, you do not always get what you want. republicans do not like the spending increases and democrats are not happy that it does not extend the federal unemployment benefits are set to expire. president obama applauded the deal. a good sign that democrats and republicans in congress were able to come together. congress must address the debt ceiling in the spring. the house is scheduled to take up the deal this week. thank you. the first female ceo ever for an auto company will take the helm at general motors.
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>> when it comes to narrowing the pay gap between men and women, here is some -- there is some advancement. is linda bell, live a bloomberg headquarters. very interesting story. we have some good news and bad news for working women. a study shows that the pay gap between men and women is the narrowest on record. the bad news is, women's pay start to slip behind men once they have children. withf show -- women that theirve said families have hurt their advancement. a major milestone for corporate america -- women incorporate america -- women in corporate america. mary barra will autoe first head of an
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corporation is a woman. are you a fan of chick filet? the chicken chain has been making ingredient changes to its menu. i will say with the changes are in wind has been quiet about it. that is coming up in the next hour. >> you always get us with the food stories. we will see back in a little bit. there is outrage and montgomery county this morning. a teacher faces disturbing charges. >> what neighbors are saying about the man. it is a little colder than yesterday.
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>> it is time to talk a little bit of weather. >> hopefully there is a warm-up somewhere in the forecast. >> temperatures should get warmer, we are expected to stay lower than average for lisa next seven to -- for at least the next seven to 10 days. the snowfall came down yesterday. it was fast and serious in a few
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spots. not so much and some others. there still reports across the fredericksburg was only a trace, most of it was sleet. just over two inches at dulles. temperatures warmed up yesterday afternoon. we had some melting taking place. temperatures are back below the freezing mark and we are waking up to icy conditions. everything is going to be a little crusty so to speak this morning. it is 27 in gaithersburg. a little breeze here so the windchill is 18. it is 26 in hagerstown. forecast, it should stay on the cold side. 28 degrees and mostly sunny and 9:00. it will be 34 at 4:00 this afternoon. tomorrow should be the coldest day of the week. i will tell you about that coming up.
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latest on the road conditions. they have been treated, but anything that is not, it is going to be a problem. beyour issues are going to on the untreated roadways, off ramps, bridges, and overpasses. as i was coming in, i saw sand where they have treated the black ice area if you are coming in this morning, you need to be aware that some of that is not treated. problems a couple of on the roadways. we're going to start with 270. you have ice on the shoulders and in the grassy areas. if you're coming down from the hagerstown area, you're going to be dealing with dangerous conditions this morning. as you closer to d.c., you should see some relief. heading over to our maps, we have a little bit of act to be. this is on the secondary road in fairfax. this is going to be on burke lane on hawkes road. ox road.
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too bad otherwise. 95 in virginia going along quite nicely. we have a crash working along to and that is right there at the beltway. i will send it back to you. >> i have the ending to a situation that nearly turned deadly. >> one family went missing in the mountains of nevada. it is a story you have to see. 29 degrees out there.
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>> we want to pass along a quick note to those that will be getting up with us in montgomery county. montgomery county schools are open this morning, on time. all schools, offices, and administrative buildings. montgomery county, you are headed to school on time. checking some of our other top atries, police are still hains point where they pull a man from the water. this is related to the investigation of officer marc washington. he is the d.c. police officer accused of producing child pornography. robbery was the motive for a triple stabbing in hyattsville. officers found three men was stabbed one that an apartment building on hillcrest road.
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one of the victims is in critical condition. a memorial service set for nelson mandela at the washington national cathedral. joe biden will deliver remarks there. that service begins at 11:00 a.m. >> a hearing is scheduled for the former university of virginia lacrosse player accused of killing his girlfriend. he is appealing his second- degree murder conviction. he was convicted last february. out of montgomery county, a man tasked with educating teens is accused of sexually abusing one of them. in thesirotkin work bethesda and potomac areas for year. -- years. bonilla says that daniel sirotkin was a substitute teacher during his junior and
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senior years at the bethesda- chevy chase high school. cool, butreally people were saying he was kind of flores -- flirtatious. ofiel sirotkin was accused abusing a teenage girl he was tutoring. it was a friend of the alleged victim who reported the abuse to a school in ministry or all police. hisne answered the door at home, but the accusations have shaken this quiet community. >> you just don't know who your neighbors are from -- sometimes. i don't know that i have seen them except driving by. it is kind of scary. >> it is troubling, especially when it is right across the street. >> he worked at both public and private still -- schools and as a personal tutor and coach. they're asking anyone with
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information to call police. >> police are concerned there could be other victims out there. they have released few details, but according to documents, those accusations go back a couple of years. is a miracle story. six family members who were missing in the nevada mountains for two days are now in pretty good shape. a couple, their two children, and their niece and nephew headed to the mountains on sunday. the jeep went down and embankment and the family burned a spare tire to keep them warm. we followed some tracks going up the road. .e found their footprints all of the kids were in good spirits. mom and dad were happy to see us. the hospital officials say family members suffered a little
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from exposure and dehydration, but no frostbite, even in those chilly temperatures. the children range in age from 3 to and 10. garage has a flacco roche and the weight of the snow proved too much for it. the building inspector says this is the first roof collapse in recent history. luckily, we didn't see any of that. >> it is too cold to be cute. it is that kind of weather. bundle up, buttercup. this is the beginning of what is going to be a cold stretch of weather that will last several days. we are not going to get above average, at least not for the next week or more. it will stick around for a while.
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30 degrees at reagan national. potomac river is what is helping keep us -- our temperatures up a little bit. look at the outlying areas. we are talking 20's and teens in spots. it is 28 in gaithersburg. reston is at 25. is at the cold air is here. look at how much colder it is just off of our west. there is a pocket of cold air, bearing the teens. that is another weak front that will be pushing this way and reinforcing that cold air for us. are generally clear, so at least it will look good and we will have lots of sunshine across the country. things are quiet overall. we are tracking this next storm that will be moving into the northwest and diving down to the south, writing up the coast. that will be a saturday system
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for us. get hit reallyld hard this weekend. if you have travel plans there, stay tuned for the latest. high-pressure in charge right now. passink it will be a dry on that front. partly cloudy and cold today. temperatures will be in the lower 30's. skies and cold tonight. 15 to 23 degrees. by tomorrow, continued cold. we will be lucky to hit 30 across the area. it will stay chilly through friday. we will get into the 40's this weekend. the saturday system looks like rain, but don't be surprised if we get show -- snow showers. let's get the latest on the roads. >> there are going to be slick spots in patches.
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we already have a couple of problems out there. we're going to star with an accident working in burke virginia. this is going to be a long -- we will start with this one. 10 near theroute t2 beltway. it should be wrapping up fairly soon. route 29, 95 in maryland, moving my -- moving nicely. 270 is moving nicely through urbanna. this is the accident i was talking about originally. this is working in burke home of virginia. this is at burke lane at ox road. 66 moves nicely from manassas to the beltway.
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those are going to be your problem spots, bridges, overpasses. in arlington, a beautiful shot with light traffic at glebe road. pass along more school information. prince william county, you are in a two-hour delay, joining fairfax and loudoun. closer to the holidays, one man who is not lying to himself about his job. he is not who you expect to see along the side of the road. he is out there with a message.
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>> police in wyoming hope that one of dr. seuss' most iconic characters will help people obey the law or in holidays. >> the grinch brought his trusty gun, -- trusty dog, max with them. remind drivers to be safe while they're out this holiday season. >>
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